Is Bombardier about to blast Farnborough wide open?

FARNBOROUGH — Over the last twelve hours the conversation here at the show has shifted. From an industry left wondering if Bombardier’s new jet would leave its mark on the show to strong signals that CSeries order(s) may be just hours away.

While the Canadian airframer maintains that the air show is one event in the course of the year, a perennially impatient industry is caught in the expectations game. The summer mega shows are akin to Major League Baseball’s All Star Game, home field advantage in the World Series to the winner. Yet the pennant is won over 162 other games.

Though the significance of gathering the industry’s All Stars together in one place cannot be understated. The world is your stage, and shaping perception, especially for a new market entrant, is reality. Bombardier’s CSeries may just be ready for its chance in the starting line up on Wednesday at Farnborough.

Stay tuned.

3 Responses to Is Bombardier about to blast Farnborough wide open?

  1. stephane July 21, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    No words about china until today !

    C-Series will enter history invading china sky

    maybe 150 orders !

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