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Movie Monday – January 31 – Flight Testing Shuttle Columbia

This final week of January and early February offer somber reminders of the incredible risk astronauts have taken to participate in the manned exploration of space and their sacrifice in the line of duty to America’s space program.  January 27, 1967 The crew of Apollo One, Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, were killed […]

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777 Final Assembly Line

News Analysis: Boeing maps out ten-year product strategy

Following yesterday’s comments from Boeing CEO Jim McNerney, it is becoming increasingly clear that Boeing is inching closer and closer toward the implementation of a decade-long strategy to bring a derivative 777 and clean-sheet 737 replacement to market. The clearest signs yet came yesterday with comments from McNerney that the airframer has all but abandoned re-engining […]

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner N787EX ZA002

Sources: ANA to see its first 787 in September

My first of a few reports on the Boeing earnings call: Boeing holds firm to 787 production ramp-upBoeing aims to deliver a dozen or more 787s in 2011, with industry sources pointing to September for first delivery, while the airframer maintains its original plan of building 10 aircraft per month by the end of 2013. The […]

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Boeing 2010 Year-End Earnings Liveblog

7:30 AM ET: Boeing has released its fourth quarter and full year 2010 earnings. The company says it expects to delivery between 25 and 40 747-8 and 787 aircraft in 2011. Further live blogged coverage of the company’s earnings call will begin here at 10:15 AM and on twitter. Please follow @flightblogger & @thedewline for […]

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner N787FT ZA005

787 heads south for the winter in search of high and low ground

Earlier today, Boeing’s fifth 787, ZA005 left Albuquerque, New Mexico enroute to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The first GEnx-powered 787 landed around 5pm local time at the airport, which features the longest runway in the Caribbean. ZA005 is currently undertaking a campaign of high altitude tests at varying temperatures also known as Lapse Rate Takeoff (LRTO) testing, […]

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Movie Monday – January 24 – Frontline: Flying Cheaper

PBS Frontline journalist Miles O’Brien continued his look at the price of airline industry cost cutting by examining outsourced maintenance operations for commercial aircraft. The piece, which only runs 18 minutes, begins at a show I attended last year, MRO Americas in Phoenix, Arizona and goes on to investigate ST Aerospace’s Mobile, Alabama facility where workers allege […]

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Airbus pulls the A350 XWB Andon Cord

In the dogma associated with lean manufacturing, the Andon Cord holds particularly venerable position in industrial circles. The Andon Cord, coined by Japanese car maker Toyota, places the power of stopping a production line in the hands of each and every employee. According to Toyota, pulling the cord is done when “a problem on any […]

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Photo of Note: T-38 chases 787 fuel jettison test

As often happens in aviation, there are eyes in the most unlikely places. On Monday, ZA004 restarted 787 certification operations with a test of its fuel jettison system. While high in the skies over Arizona, the system was tested along with one of Boeing’s T-38 chase planes. You’ll also note the wings are a day-glo […]

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Quick Take: More questions than answers with eighth 787 schedule

Original Schedule – May 08, October 07 – 4Q08, January 08 – 1Q09April 08 – 3Q09, December 08 – 1Q10, August 09 – 4Q10, August 10 – mid-1Q11, January 11 – 3Q11 Boeing has again placed its stake in the ground for the eighth time, marking the third quarter of 2011 for first delivery of […]

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Breaking: Boeing sets 787 first delivery to ANA for 3Q11

Boeing’s new 787 schedule is out this morning: Boeing Sets 787 First Delivery for Third Quarter EVERETT, Wash., Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) announced today that it expects delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner in the third quarter of this year. The new delivery date reflects the impact of an in-flight incident […]

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