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Airbus A380 MSN004 F-WWDD

The WTO and the audacity of primary source documents

The World Trade Organization appellate body released today a final ruling on the 2004 Airbus launch aid complaint filed by the US on behalf of Boeing. Flightglobal’s reporting on the ruling deputy editor Kerry Reals and mylsef was titled WTO appellate body partially upholds Airbus subsidy ruling, capturing the reaction of the US and European, […]

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American Airlines 757-200 N7667A

The incredible shrinking North American aircraft market

A forecast of summer air travel released Monday by the Air Transport Association (ATA) reveals some fascinating figures about US carriers an aircraft market that been steadily shrinking over the past decade – driven down by consolidation, recession, the threat of terrorism and other exogenous shocks.  ATA expects 2.24 million passengers will fly daily aboard […]

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Movie Monday – May 16 – Saving the B-29 Kee Bird

Aviation restoration projects may be commonplace in this industry, but they are never unimpressive when those passionate enough to attempt the undertaking seek to bring a flying machine to museum quality. It’s even more impressive when an aircraft is restored to flying condition. It’s a whole other thing when a Wichita, Kansas-built Boeing B-29 Superfortress is […]

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Design Notes: 787-9 lays the 787-10 foundation

With two and a half years to go before ZB021, the first production 787-9, is handed over to  Air New Zealand at the end of 2013, Boeing is advancing forward on detailed design of the larger 250 to 290-seat Dreamliner, while it appears to be quietly laying the foundation for the third variant, the yet […]

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner N787BA ZA001

FAA gives ETOPS nod to Trent 1000, 787 readies for Package B

The US Federal Aviation Administration granted extended operations (ETOPS) certification to the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 (Photos) allowing the engine to be operated 330 minutes from a diversion landing field for a Boeing 787. Meanwhile, ZA004, is parked at Boeing Field and being retrofitted with the latest Trent 1000 ‘Package B’ improvements that will bring specific fuel […]

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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 N951WN

Southwest VP: 2020 is too long to wait for a new airplane

A top vice president at Boeing’s biggest narrowbody customer, Southwest Airlines, says the end of the decade is “too long to wait” for an all-new airplane to replace its 737 Classics, but giving the US airframer an idea of what it wants will have to wait as the carrier turns its attention to merging with […]

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Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F N852GT/G-GSSF RC573

Breaking: Boeing holding 747-8 line until June 7 (Update1)

Boeing begins month-long 747 assembly line holdJon Ostrower/Washington, DC This piece was originally authored late Thursday for Air Transport Intelligence Boeing will hold the 747-8 line in place from 6 May until 7 June, to allow it to catch up on design changes as it introduces the new -8I passenger model into its production system, […]

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Boeing 747-8F N5017Q RC521

Video: Boeing completes 747-8F max energy brake testing

During the month of April, RC501, the first of what is now five 747-8F test aircraft, spent the middle portion of the month at Edwards Air Force base in California performing take off and stability and control evaluations. Around April 10, say program sources, the aircraft underwent its certification max brake energy test, which saw […]

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Movie Monday – May 2 – United CEO Jeff Smisek’s view from the top

Last night around 10pm the internet – more specifically twitter – exploded with activity around a planned 10:30 speech by President Obama on an unknown topic. We now know that topic was the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden following a US special forces mission in Abbottabad, Pakistan. When the first news broke, […]

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