Photo of Note: First Premium Aerotec A350 section heads for St. Nazaire (Update1)

Spotters in Hamburg captured A350 forward fuselage Section 13/14 being loaded into the Beluga SuperTransporter on Monday. The four-panel Section 13/14 is fabricated and assembled by Premium Aerotec in Nordenham, Germany, another wholly-owned EADS subsidiary and sent by boat to Hamburg for equipping. 
UPDATE: Pictured in the photo is MSN1.
Judging by the photograph, the section was being shipped from Hamburg Airport to St. Nazaire where it will be joined with Aerolia’s Section 11/12, the A350′s nose and flight deck. The fully joined forward fuselage will be reloaded onto the Beluga for shipment to final assembly in Toulouse. 
Airbus will first activate its final assembly line with the A350 static airframe, dubbed ‘ES’ by the airframer, followed by the first test aircraft MSN1. After being assembled, ES will be tested in the L34 facility in Toulouse.
Airbus said MSN001′s Section 13/14 had been handed over to the Hamburg facility on October 20, while Premium Aerotec said its “first A350 XWB fuselage section” made the 12hr boat journey to Hamburg on November 10 – not saying explicitly if that was ES or MSN001. The announcement came the same day the airframer delayed the new majority-composite jet’s entry into service to the first half of 2014. It not clear from the photo if this particular Section 13/14 is ES or MSN001.
Photo Credit Helmut