Boeing takes 787 around the world in 42-hours and 27-minutes

ZA006 Returns Home After Circling the Globe

Boeing Flight 6 returned to Boeing Field early this morning, breaking two world speed records 42h 27min after it left the same spot on December 6. The first leg broke the distance record for the 787′s 440,000-550,000lb weight class covering 10,710nm (19,835km). Upon completion of the second 9,734nm (18,027km) leg established the eastbound speed around the world record for the weight class. Thirteen, including six pilots and one National Aeronautic Association (NAA) observer, were on board for the fuel laden flight.
Boeing did not release the ZA006′s weights or the arrival and departure times in Bangladesh. 
Using a combination of flight plan data and Boeing information, I pieced together the approximate routes of each leg.
Flight One: BFI-DAC. Departure 11:02 AM PT, December 6 – 10,710nm
Flight Two: DAC-BFI. Arrival 5:29 AM PT, December 8 – 9,734nm
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