FARNBOROUGH: Ground support vehicle sparks minor 787 incident


A fuel problem in a ground support vehicle for the Qatar Airways 787 caused a minor scare on the flightline this evening, Boeing says. Emergency crews and vehicles around 17:30 swarmed the brand-new widebody, which was parked near the East Apron just aside the Farnborough runway. Emergency crews were seen removing blackened items lying on the apron near the 787′s forward airstair. Boeing confirms the fuel problem did not cause any damage to the 787. Qatar Airways expects to receive the aircraft shortly after it is flown back to Seattle on 13 July. The aircraft has flown a total of seven flights since rolling off the change incorporation line on 1 July, including three flying displays during this week’s air show.

UPDATE: Air show organisers have confirmed a ground power unit servicing the 787 started smoking and caught fire, triggering the emergency response. It happens sometimes. Ground power units can overheat if they run out of fuel.

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