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No split over similar-looking wingtips

In a remarkable coincidence, the split-tip winglet that went out of fashion with the demise of the MD-12 concept in the early 1990s has suddenly re-appeared in in two applications — Boeing’s straight-edged Advanced Technology (AT) winglet for the 737 Max (above) and Aviation Partners’ scimitar-edged split-tip blended winglet on the 737 Next Generation series. […]

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Superjet honeymoon over with launch customer

The relationship between Sukhoi Superjet and launch customer Armavia continues to unravel, as new reports indicate the Armenian flag carrier has returned its only delivered SSJ100 jet. Armavia’s enthusiasm for the Superjet has waned ever since it took delivery. That much was apparent last November. Armavia had operated the 94-seater for seven months, and Sukhoi […]

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PICTURE: Alaska apologises for MX message on 737

Photo: Reddit Alaska Airlines says on Twitter this perhaps unfortunate maintenance message, which went viral on reddit this week, was “inappropriate”, and, more ominously, “we have followed up w/ the team”. (Uh-oh.) But there may have been good reasons why the maintenance team wrote a message that some passengers clearly interpreted as unintentionally funny and/or […]

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