A Boeing CEO curse on BCA presidents?

ray conner obama.jpg

President Obama congratulates Ray Conner in February after witnessing the contract signing for Lion Air’s massive order for 201 737s.  In an unexpected development, Ray Conner has become the new president and chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Jim Albaugh has already stepped down and will serve as executive vice president of BCA until he […]

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Superjet crash probe focuses on crew

Indonesia’s safety authorities have published initial safety recommendations (see embedded document below) for what would seem like an extraordinarily unlikely event — at least for the foreseeable future: another demonstration flight by a Superjet SSJ100 within the mountainous country’s airspace. After all, it’s been less than two months since a Superjet carrying 45 passengers, including […]

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VIDEO: Meet Bombardier’s new commercial chief — and the “Pine Mime”

MONTREAL — We sat down yesterday at Bombardier Aerospace headquarters with Mike Arcamone, who succeeded Gary Scott as president of the commercial aircraft division earlier this year. It’s Arcamone’s first job in the aerospace business after spending a career in the automotive manufacturing industry. In the preparations for CSeries final assembly, Arcamone has implemented what […]

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Pratt & Whitney slips news of MS-21 delay into press release

ms21 irkut.jpg

Pratt & Whitney today announced — sort of — a new delay for the Irkut MS-21 narrowbody programme. Irkut has always said first flight of the 150-210-seat MS-21 would occur sometime in 2014. The timeframe was updated four months ago to “late-2014″, as my colleague Ghim-Lay Yeo quoted Irkut president Alexey Federov at the Singapore […]

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A look inside JAL JA825J

JAL 787 360 view.JPG

Japan Airlines has developed a virtual tour of its JA825J Boeing 787, offering 360-degree views of the widebody from several different vantage points around and in the aircraft – including the forward lav. Enjoy.  

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Boeing’s hint on new 747 stretch revives memories of -600X


Photo courtesy David Parker Brown/AirlinerReporter.com Our colleague Max Kingsley-Jones on Friday interviewed Elizabeth Lund, Boeing’s 747-8 programme manager, on Lufthansa’s inaugural 747-8 flight to Washington-Dulles. Somewhere over the Atlantic, Lund was asked by journalists about the possibility of a “747-9″ — ergo, a new stretch of the 747-8, which itself is a 5.6m (18.4ft) stretch […]

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Russia, China set for Kissinger-esque pact on aviation


Russia’s revolving president Vladimir Putin is reportedly set to strike a Kissinger-esque deal with China, but focused on aviation. In 1972, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger flipped Beijing from a regional rival into a Cold War partner. Now Russian daily Vedomosti reports Putin is working on a similar deal, attempting to turn China from […]

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Divining 777 deliveries for American Airlines

Note: This post was written by our new airline reporter, Edward Russell, who doesn’t yet have an account on our blog site. Stay tuned for more from Ed…   When American Airlines announced its schedule for the Boeing 777-300ER earlier today, it also gave away its delivery schedule for the type.   It will receive […]

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RAA 2012: Guess who’s thinking about making a new turboprop?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Engine makers General Electric and Pratt & Whitney have been signaling for months that ATR and Bombardier aren’t the only airframers pondering the market potential of a 90-seat turboprop, but it was never clear to whom they referred. Our first thought was Embraer. The Brazilian manufacturer once dominated the 35-seat turboprop sector, […]

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RAA 2012: Superjet meets press 2 weeks after crash

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Superjet International still can’t say anything about what caused the 9 May crash of a Sukhoi-piloted Superjet 100 on a demonstration flight in Indonesia. The hunt for the digital data recorder continues, though the cockpit voice recorder has been recovered.  But Superjet also surely did not want to hide from the press, […]

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