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Pentagon joins Boeing’s flying circus

US military research scientists at DARPA have asked Boeing for help in exploiting the aerodynamic benefits of formation flying to save fuel in military aircraft. Called “Formation Flight For Aerodynamic Benefit”, the effort builds on previous work by NASA in 2001-2002 which used a pair of specially instrumented F18 jets. According to the report on those trials, significant performance benefits were obtained […]

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Up, up and away…

Gizmag reports on replacing highly expensive space-based satellites and aircraft mounted Airborne Warning And Control Systems (AWACS) with stationary platforms inside Earth’s atmosphere.  US defense contractor Lockheed Martin has apparently been chosen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for a US$400 million contract to to design, build, test and fly a 1:3 scale […]

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Here comes the sun

Apparently, those US defence research guys at DARPA seem to be hugely inspired by plans and prototypes for solar-powered UAVs that can store enough juice during sunlight to keep flying through the wee hours. According to Wired.com, DARPA has been mightily impressed with UAVs that have already demonstrated quite long flights, even though these have been concentrated near the […]

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