In a galaxy far, far away…

“You join us live here in Renton, Washington, where Boeing is about to roll out its first new aeroplane of the 21st Century – the 787. With me is our aviation correspondent, Max Legroom. Max, how important is this day, this aircraft, for Boeing?”

“Very important. Boeing has bet the company that passengers will be happy to pay higher airfares, and airlines willing to burn more fuel, just to get there quicker.”

“And that’s why Boeing picked the name for its new aeroplane – the Sonic Cruiser.”

“Indeed. Someone in marketing suggested calling it the Dreamliner, but thankfully they realised that was a silly name for an aircraft.”

“And just how fast is it, Max?”

“Well Boeing calculates you will get into the holding pattern over New York up to 30 minutes quicker. But everyone thinks that, with a push, it could go above Mach 1.”

“And that could lead to a boom in sales?”

“Well, Boeing would like a few more customers. So far they only have orders from John Travolta, the Saudi royal family, and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Brides In A Hurry.”

“Some are saying that, with high oil prices and global warning, Boeing is building the wrong aeroplane.”

“Well there is an internet rumour that someone in Seattle sent a marketing brochure to engineering by mistake, but Boeing denies it.”

“Thanks Max. Now for a message from our sponsor…”

New Fords will have fins, says ex-Boeing boss Alan Mulally


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  1. Rob 6 July, 2007 at 6:08 pm #


    This just off the wire…

    Boeing Aerospace today announced its 2500th order for the 787 – providing sufficient cash-flow to finance the (urp) start-up of the belated Sonic Cruiser.

    Says newly promoted CEO/CFO Randy Tinseth at yesterday’s clam-bake: “We’ve got so much cash stuffed under mattresses around here that I’ve simply got to do it – OSHA says they’ll close us down due to the fire hazard if we don’t.”

    “And we’ve learned so much from the 787, that we’ll be snapping the Cruiser together in 3 days too. Some more kraut on that keilbasa Mr. Travolta?”



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