Russia’s UCAV unveiled

MiG has unveiled a full-scale mockup of a low-observable unmanned combat air vehicle, called Skat, at the MAKS 2007 show in Moscow. I can’t show you pictures yet, but I can direct you to this Russian TV report and to here and here.

Itar-Tass says the tailless flying-wing Skat, which resembles Boeing’s X-45C, is intended for strikes against air defence systems, aircraft and ships, and would be armed with X-31A anti-ship and X-31P anti-radar missiles and TV-guided weapons.

A flight demonstrator is to be built, says Itar-Tass. Skat looks to be equivalent to Boeing’s proof-of-concept X-45A for the DARPA/USAF UCAV programme, which ended in 2005 with a successful demonstration of automous pre-emptive destruction of enemy air defences.

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