Sniffing glue

Confession time. A long-time friend has alerted me to this youtube clip from a BBC documentary on Airfix, a famous if fated name in model kits. Watching it I was immersed in nostalgia, as James May’s memories of building pastic kits echo mine – and probably every other once and future model maker.

My particular tale of shame was of making an “aircraft carrier” out of a plank of wood, loading it up with model planes and floating it out to the middle of the pond on my childhood farm – then shooting at it with an air rifle, and watching as each shattered kit spun off the deck to sink into the murky waters.


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  1. crofty 23 August, 2007 at 7:03 pm #

    Since we’re confessing… I once loaded up a B-17 plastic model with Black Cat firecrackers in the fuselage, then lit the plastic wing on fire with a match. The idea was to hold the plane up and fly it around, simulating a WWII bomber going down in flames under enemy fire. Of course, my plan involved putting the model on the ground before the wing fire had spread into the fuselage and set off the firecrackers, ending the whole scene in a glorious boom. The actual ending was more like a war zone (nothing goes as planned)…. After setting the smoking bomber on the ground, I waited for the explosion, and waited, and waited. Growing impatient, I walked back and picked up the model and gazed into its now-melting internals to see what was up. I quickly found out, when the firecrackers bipped and bapped, flinging hot wax back at the idiot who dared put such a cruel ending to such an object of art. No damage to the eyes, just the pride.

  2. The Woracle 23 August, 2007 at 7:34 pm #

    In my case it was an Airfix B-39 filled with sodium chlorate (I hope my mother doesn’t read this)

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