Fujino-san’s HondaJet – more than a little potty

Not every aircraft designer gets the chance to put their creation into production, and Michimasa Fujino is making to most of his opportunity to build a new company, Honda Aircraft, to produce his design, the HondaJet.

The HondaJet is bucking convention in several areas: its overwing-mounted engines, laminar-flow aerodynamics, and composite fuselage. Now Fujino-san is tackling one of business aviation’s most unsavoury aspects head-on – the tiny lavatory.

Most passengers will do anything to avoid using the aircraft lav, he says, holding on then heading straight for the toilet in the terminal as soon as they land. But the HondaJet lav is not just for emergencies, he says; passengers will actually want to use it.

So forget that toilet in the terminal. “Passengers will be running on to the HondaJet to use our lavatory instead,” he joked at NBAA.

HondaJet – room for a throne


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