The week in aviation

Here are a couple of headlines you may have missed:

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin caused a stir when their VIP Boeing 767-200 was spotted at NASA Ames’ Moffet airfield in California, normally off limits to non-government aircraft. NASA subsequently acknowledged it had signed an agreement to let the 767 use Moffet in return for the right to place scientific instruments on the aircraft. The two-year deal will net NASA $1.3 million to offset the cost of operating Moffet, but has riled its neighbours.

France’s defence minister, in interview with La Tribune, said the Airbus Military A400M airlifter would be delivered several months late. The first customer for the A400M, France had expected it to enter service at the end of 2009, but defence sources quoted by the newspaper said the first aircraft was now expected to be delivered six to nine months late. EADS defence chief Stefan Zoller acknowledged the first flight was six months behind schedule and Safran took a €40m writedown to cover delays to the TP400 engine.

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