What’s in a trade name – new bizjets?

Last week, Aviation International News reported that Gulfstream has applied to trademark a slew of new aircraft designations, suggesting it plans to launch a series of new and upgraded business jets.

A search of the US Patent and Trademark Office website confirms Gulfstream in July filed to trademark G275, G325, G375, G425, G475, G525, G575, G375, G600 and G675. It should be pointed out that Gulfstream first filed for most of these, plus G175, G225 and G625, in August 2003 and has applied for several extensions since.

What are we to make of this? Parent company General Dynamics has openly talked about two new business jets coming from Gulfstream, without giving any details. But, armed with some industry intelligence, an intelligent guess is possible.

It was so simple back then – the Gulfstream IGD says Gulfstream will begin building prototypes of a new business jet in 2008 in its revamped production facility in Savannah. It has to be a large-cabin bizjet because that’s all Savannah builds. Flight’s sources say it’s a wider-cabin derivative of the G550, although Gulfstream has denied knowledge of the “Fat 5″, as it has been nicknamed by industry.

The second new aircraft could be the growth derivative of the Israel Aircraft Industries-built super mid-size G200 that Flight first wrote about three years ago, but which has yet to be launched.

While some of the trademarks Gulfstream has applied for are likely placeholders for future products, it is easy to see how a couple of new aircraft, plus updates to the current G150-to-G550 line-up could quickly fill out the filed-for G175-to-G675 range.

Searching the USPTO website also reveals that Embraer in December 2005 filed to trademark Phenom 100, 200 and 300: Legacy 400, 500, 600 and 700; and Lineage 800, 900 and 1000. We know Phenom 100 and 300, Legacy 600 and Lineage 1000 have been used, and the site says activity on the others has been suspended.

But applying advanced conspiracy theory, we know Embraer has talked of two new aircraft to fill the gap between the light Phenom 800 and super mid-size Legacy 600 – a medium-light and a mid-size jet – so Legacy 400 and 500 would seem to fit. The others? Your guess is as good as mine.

And no, my search of the USPTO site did not uncover any new Bombardiers or Cessnas – but I’m still looking.


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