Dumbo can fly – Skunk Works airship stars in video

Thanks to Sentinel Chicken over on secretprojects.co.uk for posting this video of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works’ P-791 hybrid airship. The late Mike Dornheim of Aviation Week broke the story about the Skunk Works flight testing the P-791 in February 2006. As Sentinel Chicken points out, whoever posted the video on break.com did not know what it was.

How Rosie Odonnell Travels – Watch more free videosThe P-971 was a privately funded subscale technology demonstrator for a heavylift cargo airship of the type studied under DARPA’s Walrus programme until it was cancelled. Worldwide Aeros also studied a hybrid airship under Walrus and recently received a DARPA contract to demonstrate its “control of static heaviness” system in flight.

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