Take a break – Boeing patent offers safer refueling

Back on the subject of new Boeing patents, here is one for “a method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling system components”. Basically it is a “fuse” located between the hose and its drogue to allow the drogue to separate from the hose before damaging the probe or the hose.


If you wonder why such a thing might be needed, I have put together a compilation of clips showing things that can go wrong during aerial refuelling…

And while on the subject of aerial refueling…I know boom refueling makes sense for bombers and heavy transports, but has anyone ever worked out what it has cost the US Air Force over the decades to use a system that limits its tankers to refueling one fighter at a time and which is incompatible with the systems used by its sister US services and many of its allies?

You will never see a US Air Force tanker doing this…

US Navy Convair R3Y Tradewind refuels four Grumman F9F Cougars

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  1. Kieran Daly 13 November, 2007 at 1:15 pm #

    And this sounds like fun: http://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/6/6-23.php

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