Your chance to nominate next year’s Collier winner

It’s that time of year again. The US National Aeronautic Association is calling for nominations for the 2007 Collier Trophy, awarded each year for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America (sorry Airbus, no Collier for the A380).

You have until 31 January 2008 to submit your nominations to NAA (to find out how, click here).

I’ve said before that I think NASA’s Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, deserve the Collier Trophy, so they get my vote. collier.jpg But there must be others deserving of nomination. Remember, to qualify, the value of the achievement must have been “thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year”.

Some of the recent winners: F-22 Raptor (2006), Eclipse 500 (2005), SpaceShipOne (2004), Gulfstream G550 (2003), Sikorsky S-92 (2002), JSF LiftFan (2001) and the Global Hawk (2000). In support of my nominee I would point out that the last time an achievement in astronautics a Collier was in 1993 for the Hubble repair Shuttle mission.

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