New missiles to give China’s fighters an edge?

I’m no expert on Chinese defence, or on the trustworthiness of the various websites that cover Chinese defence, but there is an interesting analysis on two possible new Chinese air-to-air missiles by Richard Fisher at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, which describes itself as a think-tank on security issues.

China’s AIM-9X-class short-range AAM? (from

The two missiles are the short-range, infrared-guided PL-ASR, or PL-10, which resembles South Africa’s Denel R-Darter, and the PL-13, a ramjet-powered derivative of the medium-range, active-radar PL-12. The PL-13 (or is it PL-21?) looks roughly equivalent to Europe’s MBDA Meteor.

If their existence is confirmed, these missiles – like the Chengdu J-10 and Shenyang J-11B fighters they will arm – look pretty competent. Check out Chinese Military Aviation and decide for yourself.


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