Know anything about repairing a Sea Harrier?

Any fellow alumni of Hawker Siddeley Aviation in Kingston out there? I have a call for help from the man who owns the only private Sea Harrier. After an emergency vertical landing late last year, owner Art Nalls ( is having some difficulties repairing the nose. He needs some help with rebuilding the radome ring and wants to know more about the alloy used for the nose skin as it is resisting being worked back into shape.

Art’s Shar is an ex-Royal Navy FA2, but is actually the second Sea Harrier built – XV439. I was working at Hawkers in Kingston when the first Sea Harrier FRS1 was assembled – I even worked in the sheet metal shop for a while. Produced a lovely aluminium fruit bowl using the English Wheel. But I think Art needs more than my rusty skills.

Nose job needed (photo from


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