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Frank Piasecki, helicopter pioneer – 1919-2008

Frank Piasecki, who flew the USA’s second successful helicopter, died on February 11. Born in 1919, Piasecki might not have been quite as well known as the guy who got there first – Igor Sikorsky – but the helicopters his company designed certainly are, particularly the CH-47 Chinook. Lately Piasecki Aircraft has been getting attention […]

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Ageing aircraft 2 – keeping Apaches sharp

US Army aviation has had its modernisation tribulations, including cancellation of the Comanche and the recent struggles with Bell’s ARH, but the Apache programme looks like a model for how to renew an ageing fleet – more than once. The AH-64s have been remanufactured once, from As to Ds, and are about to go through […]

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Blue Thunder? – China’s Z-10 attack helicopter

China-watching website sinodefence.com has posted perhaps the clearest picture yet of China’s Z-10 attack helicopter. The site says the Z-10 first flew in 2003 and is expected to enter service in 2008-9. Changhe Z-10 (sinodefence.com photos) The Changhe-built Z-10 looks to be in the same class as the Agusta A129, Denel Rooivalk and Eurocopter Tiger. […]

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