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Boeing and KC-X – to protest or not to protest?

I’m going to stick my neck out and predict Boeing will not protest the award of the KC-X tanker contract to Northrop and Airbus. Boeing gets debriefed by the US Air Force today (7 March) and will decide over the weekend whether to protest. But I don’t think they will find anything to fault in […]

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Countdown to KC-X – Northrop takes its turn

Welcome back to KC-Xtown. Tuesday opened with both sides taking shots at each other’s Monday announcements: EADS’s commitment to assemble A330 Freighters in Mobile if Northrop’s KC-30 wins; and Boeing’s release on the KC-767′s fuel burn. The latter raised some eyebrows and generated some pithy comment in the blogosphere, including Steve Trimble on The DEW […]

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KC-Airbus vs KC-Boeing

Based on a Seattle Times report, Airbus-vs-Boeing pundit Scott Hamilton speculates on his website www.leeham.net that changes made by Boeing to its KC-767 for the US Air Force’s KC-X tanker competition may actually improve the chances of the rival Airbus A330-based KC-30. Hamilton’s argument revolves around the newspaper’s report from Paris that the “KC-767 Advanced” […]

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