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In the ‘tanker war’, beware bogus blogs

As if there wasn’t enough information, disinformation and misinformation already circulating about the KC-X tanker competition, now the pro-Boeing, anti-EADS tankerblog.com is trying to dirty the water. Claiming to provide “facts and commentary” on the tanker issue, so far it has offered up little other than tired innuendo. At least the authors make clear their […]

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KC-X protest – Boeing building up steam

Boeing has just issued a “tanker factors” backgrounder [download file] giving its take on the US Air Force’s assessment of its KC-X tanker bid against the five evaluation criteria. It suggests Boeing is narrowing in on reasons for protesting the award of the contract to Northrop and Airbus. Basically it says: Mission capability: Boeing’s bid […]

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Boeing and KC-X – to protest or not to protest?

I’m going to stick my neck out and predict Boeing will not protest the award of the KC-X tanker contract to Northrop and Airbus. Boeing gets debriefed by the US Air Force today (7 March) and will decide over the weekend whether to protest. But I don’t think they will find anything to fault in […]

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