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5 minutes with the Skunk Works’ Frank Mauro

It’s conference season again, and last week it was the Air Force Association’s winter symposium in Orlando – where I grabbed 5min with Frank Mauro, vp advanced systems development at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works. Here’s some of what he said. Polecat (video) – LM has decided against building a replacement for the P-175 Polecat flying-wing […]

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US Air Force UCAVs – fade to black

So now India plans to build an unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator. I’m not holding my breath, but I am wondering why the US Air Force withdrew from the Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems programme, leaving the US Navy to carry on alone. Perhaps my collegue Steve Trimble over on The Dew Line is correct […]

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Russia’s UCAV unveiled

MiG has unveiled a full-scale mockup of a low-observable unmanned combat air vehicle, called Skat, at the MAKS 2007 show in Moscow. I can’t show you pictures yet, but I can direct you to this Russian TV report and to here and here. Itar-Tass says the tailless flying-wing Skat, which resembles Boeing’s X-45C, is intended […]

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