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PIOs explained: what makes a test pilot nervous

I have just learned how to force a test pilot into that dreaded syndrome known as PIOs (pilot induced oscillations). In simple parlance, the results of persistent overcontrolling when flying. Apparently helicopters are just as – if not more – prone to PIOs than fixed wing aircraft, and it happened to be at a rotary wing forum […]

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Will FlyBe breathe life into the struggling MPL?

FlyBe’s brilliant. For the un-initiated it’s a UK based regional airline that is now Europe’s largest. It breaks all the rules and makes money doing it when no-one else seems to be able to. It’s increasing its profits when everyone else is seeing reductions or actual losses. Which rules does it break? Well, it flies lots of […]

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Stealth tax stalks UK airspace users

Mine is not intended to be a party-political blog but it’s sure going to sound that way this time. When a specific government decides on a course of action that is a fundamentally bad idea, and the proposed policy is also part of an established behaviour pattern that everyone associates with it, I suppose any opinion against the proposal is going to sound party-political. Here […]

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777 crash at Heathrow: what chance of another such accident?

From the start, the British Airways Boeing 777 crash at London Heathrow felt like a rare event – perhaps a one-off. But is it actually likely to happen again?       After all, like most big jets of its generation, the 777 has had a pretty trouble-free history since service entry in 1995, and aviation is […]

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