Archive | December, 2008

Piloting is going blue-collar

At a time when being an airline pilot is as demanding as it has ever been, the image of the job is going down the tubes. Among the biggest culprits are a number of the world’s most influential pilot associations, including the British BALPA, America’s ALPA, and France’s SNPL, but pilot mass wingeing on global flightcrew forums doesn’t […]

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‘Women pilots are best for modern airlines’

Airlines are looking for the right personality in their trainee pilots, and women are more likely to have it than men. Don’t take it from me. This is from Europe’s largest pilot training organisation, the Oxford Aviation Academy. OAA’s group managing director for ab-initio training, Anthony Petteford, says: “Many of the skills needed now are things […]

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Ryanair’s route via Rome to Damascus

Strange and wonderful things are happening.   Ryanair is saying nice things about its pilots (some of). Has the company’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, been walking the road to Damascus recently?   Thinking back to O’Leary quotations about his pilot workforce only about three years ago, adjectives like “overpaid” were juxtaposed with words like “wingeing” and “workshy”. […]

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