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Toxic cabin air is more poisonous than reckoned

Neurotoxic poisons in bleed air is not a new subject on this blog, but the more information we get on it, the more serious looks the aviation industry’s studied decision to ignore the dangers associated with contaminated cabin air, or to obfuscate.   To read about the human misery caused by cabin air contamination in airliners, go to The toxic subject that won’t […]

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It’s the northern spring now, but…

 …if you want to be ready for the winter, your senior management pilots would do well to go to Toronto later this year. Icing is only one of the issues on the winter agenda but, along with human factors, it remains one of aviation’s most vulnerable areas.   The International Winter Operations Conference is where you can […]

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Crew duty hours up for manipulation

Flight time limitations (FTL) regulation is a subject that seriously affects airline pilots, cabin crew, and their employers, so it matters that Europe is considering changing its existing FTL rules in the light of scientific evidence on the causes and effects of fatigue. The airlines like the existing FTLs, known unattractively as EU Ops Sub-Part Q. The scientific answers to European […]

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