It’s the northern spring now, but…

 …if you want to be ready for the winter, your senior management pilots would do well to go to Toronto later this year. Icing is only one of the issues on the winter agenda but, along with human factors, it remains one of aviation’s most vulnerable areas.


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The International Winter Operations Conference is where you can top up your expertise. It’s run by the Air Canada Pilots Association and the Canadian Society of Air Safety Investigators. Canada’s weather being what it is, they have to take winter seriously.

A few years ago I spoke to expert organisations all over the world to produce a feature about where icing research had brought aviation since the 1950s, and the answer was not as far as you think. Two of the most important components in surviving icing and other winter risks remain pilot awareness and knowlege. The conference is about improving those, and how to get the best out of your equipment.




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