Archive | June, 2009

The unvarnished truth about all airline accidents

The following statements apply to all accidents involving all airlines flying all types of aircraft, whether people in them were hurt or not: 1. If the accident involves a big Western-built jet airliner with lots of people on it, it will either be an Airbus or a Boeing, because they are the only Western aircraft manufacturers left on the […]

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AF447: the search

If Paul-Louis Arslanian, the BEA’s chief investigator in charge of the AF447 probe, says he does not have any answers yet, how can the rest of the world be so sure of its many theories? Arslanian has more direct access to information than any of us has, and an international team of the best analysts available. But you can tell […]

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The A380 shows off Airbus’ clever new kit

This group has just disembarked after a 27 May A380 flight from Airbus’ Toulouse base. The flight was mounted to demonstrate two really clever and seriously useful avionic advances that Airbus is just about to see certificated. One will make airborne collision a little less likely, the other will prevent runway overruns. Overruns are the most common type of aircraft accident, and one of the most […]

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Missing Air France A330

Air France has just admitted that it cannot hold out hope any longer of re-establishing contact with flight AF447. By now, the company says, this Airbus A330-200 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris would have run out of fuel if it were still airborne. At present, information is very sparse. According to the airline, the last report […]

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