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Winter thoughts in the northern summer

Are pilots ever really ready for winter when they have just flown through summer? They could be this year…   It’s not just about de-icing, its about which de-icing fluid to ask for under which circumstances. It’s not just about contaminated runways, it’s about what the runway is contaminated with  – and how much of […]

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Why has airline safety stopped improving?

“Unless there is a dramatic improvement in airline safety performance between now and the end of 2010, then 2001-10 will become the first decade since the Second World War when global airline accident rates did not show improvement.” You will shortly be able to read those words in Flight International’s review of global airline safety […]

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Do we do nothing if AF 447 remains a mystery?

It is still possible that the AF 447 recorders will be found. But if they never are, can the industry afford not to explore what is likely to have happened, rather than what is merely possible? The list of theoretical possibilities is, at present, so long that an assumption by the industry that any of them might have […]

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Safety and politics don’t mix

European transport commissioner Antonio Tajani and several French politicians have seen fit to pronounce on aviation safety in the wake of the Yemenia Airbus A310 accident in a way that reflects a distressing degree of nationalistic prejudice.   Without any knowledge of what caused the Yemenia accident, they have clearly pre-judged the carrier as not […]

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