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Toxic cabin air appeal: has your health been affected?

This blog has, several times, addressed the subject of the contamination of bleed air supplied to aircraft cabins by toxic organophosphates. Now Susan Michaelis, already the author of the Contaminated Air Reference Manual, is appealing for those who have suffered – or believe they have done – from illness related to cabin air contamination, to get in touch […]

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Helicopters can escape their niche

Safety has been – and still is – a problem for helicopters. It may be the roles they perform as much as their inherent instability and mechanical complexity, but those factors are beginning to sound like excuses for not changing anything. Actually, helicopters don’t have to continue to be the poor relations of fixed-wing aircraft, with safety worries consigning […]

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Pilot fatigue: the invisible killer is paraded for all to see

Pilots are conducting a day of action to draw attention to their concern that a scientific study saying European flight time limitations (FTL) regulations are unsafe may be ignored. The European Cockpit Association says the report, commissioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency, proves that existing regulations, at their extremes, are actually dangerous because of the length of duty periods that […]

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