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The ATC changes the pilots never noticed

Pilots using UK airspace would not have realised this at the time, but during the last seven years the oh-so-cool air traffic controllers they have been talking to at “London”, “Scottish”, and “Shanwick” have all moved their workplaces - and many of them their homes. The UK’s main air navigation service provider NATS, formerly National Air Traffic Services, had the task of […]

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IATA admits pilot training isn’t working

“Pilot handling was a contributory factor in 30% of airline accidents globally in 2009, according to the International Air Transport Association analysis of accident rates for the period. “IATA has never delivered a verdict like this before, previously citing more all-embracing human factor descriptions such as ‘pilot error’, which includes judgement and procedures.” That’s what […]

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G-YMMM: could the crew have done any more?

After an accident, pilots always discuss whether a crew could have done more even if they appear to have done a good job. It’s not usually vicious or critical, it normally feels more like pilots experimenting with ideas about how they might handle a situation like it if they were to meet one themselves.   The crew of flight […]

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Nailing the Concorde “criminals”

Today in Pontoise, north of Paris, the French judiciary began to examine who, if anyone, was criminally guilty of causing the Air France Concorde crash. There is no obligation under French law to launch a criminal prosecution following an aviation accident. An accident could be presumed to be just that: an unintended, unforseen occurrence. This […]

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