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Reykjavik old tower.JPG

Reykjavik aerodrome and history

    Reykjavik aerodrome (BIRK) was originally a WW2 base built by the UK Royal Air Force, but there are records of aviation activity on the airfield site as far back as 1919. Iceland’s earliest proper airport was at Akureyri in the north. The picture above shows the old (now disused) RAF control tower. There is talk […]

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Volcanic ash over Europe next time

  Iceland’s striking, geologically young landscape is evidence of the enormous energy beneath its fragile crust. A release of a tiny part of that energy severely disrupted airline services in Europe this year. Volcanologists who gathered with air transport industry experts for a mid-September conference on Eyjafjallajökull and Aviation at the Keilir Aviation Academy, Keflavik spelled out the […]

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What you expect to see

If there’s one question about the BA 777 St Kitts short runway take-off I would like to have answered, it would be this: I know that there is a psychological tendency for pilots to see what they expect to see, but when the crew were arriving onto runway 07 from the south side, turning right […]

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