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Last flight of BA’s last 757

G-CPET is the aircraft that will carry out  the last scheduled British Airways Boeing 757 revenue flight, and the timetable below charts its last working day on Saturday 30 October: BA1384 Heathrow to Manchester departing 0745 arriving 0840 BA1389 Manchester to Heathrow departing 1000 arriving 1105 BA1482 Heathrow to Glasgow departing 1215 arriving 1340 BA1487 Glasgow to Heathrow departing at 1425 and […]

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A silver lining to the ash cloud?

In recent years the European Union has zapped its air carriers with over-the-top passenger rights legislation, overcharged them for delaying and long-routing their flights through its jigsaw puzzle air traffic management system, individual EU member governments have stung them for passenger departure taxes, and next year Europe’s airlines will be uniquely required to prepare for an emissions trading […]

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Heathrow 3rd runway will be back

Love it or hate it, Heathrow’s politically cancelled third runway will be back. Why? It’s the most environmentally friendly aviation solution for UK plc, even if not so for the thousands (millions?) of citizens living directly under Heathrow’s arrival and departure paths. Who says it’s the most global-cooling air transport move? Richard Deakin, CEO of […]

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That crocodile crash

When a Filair Let 410 passenger flight crashed near Bandundu airport in the DR Congo in late August, the cause was something of a mystery. An aeroplane on a scheduled domestic passenger flight flown by two expat pilots (a Belgian captain, also the owner of Filair, and a British copilot) suddenly dived into the ground on final […]

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Pilots need to raise their game

For reasons I’ll explain, I have thought for a while that professional pilots, once they have been practising their trade for a couple of years after ab-initio training, should undergo advanced training. A bit like following up a Bachelors degree with a Masters, but it doesn’t need to take that long. The reason is simple. […]

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