Last flight of BA’s last 757

G-CPET is the aircraft that will carry out  the last scheduled British Airways Boeing 757 revenue flight, and the timetable below charts its last working day on Saturday 30 October:

BA1384 Heathrow to Manchester departing 0745 arriving 0840
BA1389 Manchester to Heathrow departing 1000 arriving 1105

BA1482 Heathrow to Glasgow departing 1215 arriving 1340
BA1487 Glasgow to Heathrow departing at 1425 and arriving at 1545

BA1454 Heathrow to Edinburgh departing 1725 arriving 1850
BA1463 Edinburgh to Heathrow departing 1935 arriving 2100

To mark the occasion, G-CPET has been liveried in the way that BA 757s were when they first arrived on the fleet in 1983. 


BA 757.jpgThis is a nice touch, showing BA - despite these mean times - is not just a provider of dividends to shareholders, but retains its aviation soul. 

The other two other remaining BA 757s will fly from Heathrow on Spanish services during the same day. 
British Airways and Eastern Air Lines were the type’s launch customers, and BA’s first 757 took to the skies in 1983. At its height, BA’s 757 fleet was 54 strong in the late 1990s.

The three remaining 757s, all of which entered service in 1997, have been sold to FedEx Express, along with eight other 757s retired in the past year.

Captain Stephen Riley, director of flight operations, says: “Almost everyone in the operational side of the business has either piloted, repaired, dispatched or looked after customers, on Boeing 757s during the past 27 years.

“We say farewell to the aircraft with a lot of happy memories and hope that customers on board the final few flights around the UK will enjoy the day as well.”

Thank you, Capt Riley. I’ll be enjoying the LHR-EDI-LHR goodbye sortie, helping to celebrate this little bit of BA history.


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2 Responses to Last flight of BA’s last 757

  1. ihavecontrol 28 October, 2010 at 8:26 pm #

    Hi David,

    Will be working in ATC at Heathrow for the last morning departure of “ET”. Ask the crew for a V2 climb out if you get the chance! Those RB211 have always obliged to the request for a “good rate”.


  2. Andrew Lee 8 November, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    Dear David

    How sad it was a few weeks back to receive an email from Ian Allan Travel telling me that the farewell Champagne British airways Boeing 757 flight planned for November 6th has been cancelled due to the lack of seat sales. At £225.00 a seat for the 40 minute flight from Heathrow it was a bit pricey to say the least. However, as a loyal BA customer who has enjoyed flying in their 757’s over the last 27 years I wanted to book my seat on this historic flight.

    Perhaps if the seat costs were lower at £125.00 a seat they may have filled the flight; but it appears that BA were asking too much for the flight; short sightedness perhaps on BA’s part especially as I paid at mere £162.90 to fly a return to Paris with them last month.

    Then to rub salt into the wound; I later discovered from a colleague within BA that a special flight for the staff had been arranged for the same day and time of our charter. The staff were asked to pay a minimu of £100.00 for the 40 minute flight which included champagne in the lounge at Terminal 5. As it turned out they could not get enough people to fill the plane; so later dropped the price to £75.00.

    I do feel cheated to say the least and a little let down by BA. I even emailed their Operations department and ask if I could buy a seat on their flight; only to be told no it was a private flight.

    BA have lost an opportunity here not only to celebrate the 757′s 27 years with the airline; but also create some good publicity.

    Yes I could have taken a risk and booked a seat on the last scheduled flight; but you can never guarantee it will be the 757 for reasons of planning or technical reasons.