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The airlines have started hiring ab-initio pilots again

UK-headquartered flight training organisation CTC Aviation reports a considerable surge in demand for graduate CPLs and it predicts that this will be sustained. 2010, it says, has been a record year for airline placements for its graduates, and – extremely unusually - CTC feels able to predict already that all its students who graduate this winter will […]

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The Phoenix Girl’s legacy: it’s only just begun

  I’ll let the poster speak for itself. Except to say that this PhD was a triple first, and the information it has uncovered and put into the public domain has the power to change the lives of people whose health has been ruined by contaminated cabin air, and their families, and to motivate industry to put more vigour into seeking a solution

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QF32 and information overload

Airbus described the situation the QF32 crew faced after the uncontained engine failure as “dynamic”. That’s accurate insofar as it goes, but rather an understatement. The obvious and immediate effects, like asymmetric thrust and aerodynamic damage, were dealt with by the autopilot, which remained engaged and the Qantas A380 crew elected to keep it that way until […]

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What the Qantas crew had left to fly with

An Airbus information telex (AIT) to all A380 operators was dispatched by the manufacturer on 17 November informing them, basically, of what the crew of flight QF32 had to deal with when their No 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine suffered an uncontained engine failure. Provided to Flight International by an industry source, the AIT is intended to inform […]

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The Light Blues

First Officer Victoria Auld of Flybe has become the first pilot in UK to be presented with a Multi-crew Pilot Licence. Holding the first UK MPL On 12 November 2010, the Civil Aviation Authority’s Head of Approved Training Organisations, Licencing and Training Roy Burden delivered the first six UK Multi-Crew Pilot Licences to Flybe for presentation to newly graduated Bombardier Q400 […]

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The phoenix girl

Susan Michaelis was a BAe 146 pilot in her native Australia a decade ago. But she lost her aircrew medical category through neurological damage, the result of repeated exposure to organophosphates from oil that got into the engine bleed air feeding the cabin air conditioning and pressurisation system. She lost her job, and the industry she had worked in […]

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Airline pilots ‘have not been trained for modern aircraft’

A draft FAA study into the relationship of pilots with today’s airliner flightdecks – specifically the automated systems in the cockpits - provides the hard data to prove that pilots are not properly trained for modern cockpits. The result has been serious accidents that did not need to happen. I have been arguing for ages that airline pilot recurrent training […]

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That last BA 757 flight in G-CPET

Capt Chris Smith, BA’s most experienced 757 captain (All pictures by Nick Morrish/British Airways)   It’s Saturday 30 October, about 1715 local time on the ramp at London Heathrow, and Capt Chris Smith is taking a picture of the aeroplane he’s just about to fly to Edinburgh and back. He’s in charge of the very last […]

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