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Is “IATA” going to be the quality mark for airlines?

One highly desirable commodity that the airline industry has never been able to market is safety. Even an airline that was confident of its safety performance didn’t dare brag about it. To talk about safety was to imply that flying was inherently dangerous, and since many passengers are naturally nervous about getting airborne, airline marketing messages concentrated on comfort and reliability. […]

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Rolls stuck dumb over Qantas Trents

I sent the following message to Rolls-Royce’s director of corporate affairs Peter Morgan. Seven hours later I have yet to receive an acknowledgement of my message, let alone an answer: Dear Peter John Leahy (Airbus) has recently made numerous statements about Qantas’ Trent engines, including this: “In the future the computer will have software that […]

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Rolls-Royce shares recover to pre-QF32 price

I got a call from Rolls-Royce today, which woke me up. The last one was about five years ago. It was Peter Morgan, the engine manufacturer’s director of corporate affairs. Perhaps, I hoped, he was finally going to give me some information relevant to the ongoing inquiry into the Qantas QF32 accident – the one in […]

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