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Air travel evolution: Connie to A380

On a warm night in 1950 a four-year-old boy, holding his father’s hand in manly solidarity, walked through the echoing terminal at Sydney‘s Mascot airfield and out across the pan. A long-legged Qantas Super Connie stood waiting in a halo of light, avgas fumes heavy in the humid air. Together the boy and his father […]

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Airline safety performance in 2010: going nowhere

My video briefing on Flightglobal’s annual review of airline safety performance (on Flighglobal’s homepage) contains this quote:   “The global picture of airline safety performance reveals two parallel worlds.   “There’s a group of airlines that improved their safety performance dramatically in 2010 – and they were the group that was already good.   “But […]

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The Polish tragedy: accepting the truth

The accident report by the Russian investigators, MAK, has been published. It does not make happy reading for the Polish people or their government, and indeed they are finding its truths difficult to swallow. This understandable. That crash at Smolensk in April 2010 was a national tragedy for Poland. In a few seconds on final approach […]

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