Airline safety performance in 2010: going nowhere

My video briefing on Flightglobal’s annual review of airline safety performance (on Flighglobal’s homepage) contains this quote:


“The global picture of airline safety performance reveals two parallel worlds.


“There’s a group of airlines that improved their safety performance dramatically in 2010 – and they were the group that was already good.


“But there’s another group that are continuing to provide the world with the majority of serious accidents that take place nowadays. The latter group consists of those whose attitude to safety – and whose systems for managing it – are stuck in the 1970s. Things have moved on, but they have not.


“You want to know how to identify these groups before you buy your next airline ticket? You want to identify the attitude difference that separates the two groups, so you can check your own airline’s approach to safety management?


“Then pick up the 18th January issue of Flight International, or visit and hit SAFETY in the menu bar.”


Meanwhile, at 1400 (UK local time) today, 19 January, I’ll be running a live Q&A webchat at the Flightglobal homepage. If you have any questions that arise from the report, join me.