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Europe’s no-fly zone

Thousands of passengers at London Heathrow airport last December were denied travel for a few days because of snow. They were very annoyed. Now imagine that all the passengers who turned up to fly from Heathrow for an entire year were denied travel. Why? Because a report by London’s Mayor Boris Johnston predicts that, by […]

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Qantas crew and Travolta

  Travolta in the captain’s seat of his Qantas-liveried 707   Like the Grease star says in the Qantas safety video, there’s nobody I’d rather have in charge of my aeroplane than a Qantas crew. But the crew seem to be taking themselves a bit too seriously, disputing Travolta’s use  – in the video – of the […]

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Virtual airline, actual risk

Now the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit has published its initial factual report on the fatal Manx2 commuter crash at Cork, the emerging details reinforce my argument that “virtual airlines” should be made illegal in the European Union. The AAIU describes the organisation fronted by Manx2 like this: “The operation of the flight involved three separate undertakings; […]

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The virtual tower by DFS

I promised I’d be back after ATC Global to report on the DFS (Germany’s air traffic management provider) “Distant Aerodrome Control Service”, or virtual control tower visual control room. DFS plans to install this facility in its Munich tower to enable controllers to manage traffic using the new third runway if it goes ahead. The new runway, […]

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What do you need reality for?

A generation of kids is growing up who, one day, are individually going to have to answer that question for the sake of their own mental health, marriages etc. But that’s not the subject of this blog story. German air traffic services provider DFS has come up with a Virtual Tower, but for controlling real aeroplanes at a real aerodrome […]

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