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Sleepy controllers

The Press won’t drop the subject of the sleepy controller at Washington Reagan airport which led to the discovery that he wasn’t the only miscreant in late night towers across the USA…    (Courtesy of Columbus Dispatch)

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Cococorde at Brooklands, below the wings.JPG

Concorde’s successor revealed…

Just as in my last blog story, I’m at Brooklands. It’s the same day, in fact, and the same subject (Concorde), but from a different angle. The angle is: what happens next in commercial supersonic flight? From here…? …to here?  Former Concorde pilot Chris Orlebar, author of the definitive book about that iconic Franco-British aeroplane “The […]

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Concorde through Tower Bridge.JPG

Concorde flies under Tower Bridge (pictures)

About half a second later we made it through. Phew! Left wingtip a bit close. Worried about the fin, too. I was on board the world’s only active Concorde simulator when I took this picture. The visual display is much better than this snapshot - taken by me on my stoneage digital camera – suggests. It’s at Brooklands museum. Yes, […]

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