Sleepy controllers

The Press won’t drop the subject of the sleepy controller at Washington Reagan airport which led to the discovery that he wasn’t the only miscreant in late night towers across the USA



 (Courtesy of Columbus Dispatch)

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  1. David Connolly 29 April, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    On August 5 1981, POTUS Ronald Wilson Reagan, fired 11345 illegally striking FAA air traffic controllers of the now 2011, 30 year long defunct, PATCO union. His August 3 1981 news conference gave them 48 hours to return to work or face termination and a lifetime federal employment ban (rescinded by Bill Clinton in 1993).
    In compliance with the law of unintended consequences of irony, it, being a first cousin of parody, the P of PATCO stood for professional. In reality, it was an assumed monopoly of a NY Tammany Hall patron graft of the Democratic Party. Like the Republican-GOP. If one has to advertise the apparent obvious, then one is not, as advertised, QED.
    On June 7 1982 President Reagan was having a papal audience with Karol Józef Wojtyła, alias John Paul II and dozed off, as many a church attendee has, on occasion.
    After midnight on Wednesday March 23 2011 at KDCA/Ronald Reagan National Airport, an American B-737 and a United A-320 executed “NORDO landings”, without ATC clearance, as the lone duty controller was in Reagan default mode. This happened without incident miraculously.
    On Friday April 29 2011, Vatican Pontifax Maximus, alias Papenfuhrer Benny Joe the Umpteenth, ordered the exhumation of Karol “Santo Subito”, Wojtyla’s coffin to be raised to the Altar for the Feast of Divine Mercy for his impending beatification ceremony which is in effect, base leg turning to final for canonised sainthood. The first miracle attributed to him was the June 2 2005 cure of Sister Simon-Pierre of France, a nun suffering from Parkinson’s, that took his life. One more attributed intercession miracle clears “Blessed Karol Wojtyla” to land to be Saint Karol Wojtyla John Paul Infinitum.
    Ronald Reagan was physically as blind as a bat, but in IFR-PFD compliance, he had vision without sight in keeping the blue side up, apart from seeing the USSR for the nefarious empire it was, long before it became fashionable to see so clearly. To wit:, he fired illegally striking controllers in 1981, he fell asleep at his first papal audience with Pope John Paul II in 1982. Washington National Airport was renamed Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in 1998. Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer’s on June 5 2004, Karol Wojtyla died of Parkinson’s on April 2 2005.
    Clearly, in my infallible opinion, Karol has awoken Ronald from slumber-mode in the Twilight Zone with the irony of a dozing controller at his named airport and ensured American and United were obstacle clear and landed, without being cleared, as the controller’s sleep continued without circadian interruption, like his first meeting with Karol. Ronald’s rift with ATC has clearly come full circle and the rupture has healed, ATC-Amen, QED!
    As a Church of Rome, ex-communicated leprechaun theologian from East of Blarney/ EICK, I find that this miracle in the dark above the Potomac is compelling evidence for the CAVOK beatification of a putative “St. Ronald” as Patron Saint of Air Traffic Controllers.
    Sanctus Satanas!
    Middle Kingdom ZBAA @ 22:33