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What’s the pilot there for?

Loss of control in big jets is a problem that has had the industry wringing its hands for years.  This blog too – more space has been devoted here to LOC and specific examples of it (like AF447) than any other issue. But big jet LOC, although last year happened to be free of it, […]

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…to an even greater degree than the sea…

The Costa Concordia shipwreck is a highly visible reminder that the latest technology does not guarantee passengers their safety. The sight of the toppled wreck, its pristine superstructure shining in the winter sun, its funnel almost paralleling the sea, taunts its owners. The word’s media swarm like seagulls over a beached whale, and the wreck […]

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Oops, wrong lever…watch your speed…

The crew of an Airbus A300-600 at London Gatwick found the slats/flaps wouldn’t deploy correctly after start-up, so they recycled them several times, following procedures in the QRH, and talking to their engineering base. After several recycles, carried out by the copilot (the PNF on this trip to Crete) the ECAM pronounced slats/flaps were correctly […]

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What Daily Mail passengers worry about on a BA flight

On 20 December a British Airways Airbus A321 flight from Heathrow to Glasgow suffered a serious cabin air contamination event. The pilots felt dizzy and, worried about losing consciousness, donned their oxygen masks, declared an emergency and rapidly returned to LHR where they were met by full emergency services and paramedics. The landing was fine. […]

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