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Tracking ash the new old fashioned way: MOCCA

A  purpose-equippedaircraft for tracking and measuring atmospheric volcanic ash in northern Europehas just been approved for operation on behalf of the UK Met Office. Known as the Met Office Civil Contingency Aircraft (MOCCA),it is a specially equipped twin-engine Cessna 421C, piston-powered to give itgreater resilience when it encounters ash that would damage turbines.  It hasbeen […]

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“Let’s all do nothing”: German democracy at work

A committee of Members of Parliament from the German Bundestag has just voted to do nothing about cabin air contamination with neurotoxic organophosphates, on the grounds that it doesn’t happen very often. They admit there is an issue, but have rejected action. In releasing this verdict a few days ago they have proved my prediction […]

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More fume casualties

Detail is emerging that the copilot of the Air Berlin/Germania 737-700 was not the only crew member to have tested positive for the neurotoxin tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate after the flight (see the blog entry before this one) All the flight and cabin crew have needed sick leave. I suspect we will hear more from the BFU […]

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Pilot inflight collapse: Germany investigates cabin air poisons

Following the copilot’s collapse with nausea from oil fumes in the cockpit air on an Air Berlin flight from Milan Malpensa to Dusseldorf in November, German accident investigator BFU has taken the unprecedented step of sending a blood sample from the copilot for analysis to a specialist scientific organisation. From previous experience the BFU knew […]

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