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The sleepy pit stop

Commercial aviation has been slowly re-inventing itself since deregulation began in the USA in 1978, and a little later America began exporting what it called open skies agreements – a kind of buddy-buddy liberalisation rendered harmless by the straitjacket of a bilateral treaty . Things have moved on, but not far, and not throughout the […]

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What will your next accident be?

The latest issue of Aero Safety World, theFlight Safety Foundation’s monthly journal, contains a first class comment from Bill Voss, the FSF’s president and CEO. He’s understandably bothered by the way that the adoption by airlines of safety management systems has been playing out in practise.  I won’t blather on about his argument, just reproduce […]

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Sex and safety management

At the end of the Seventies, airlines had a formula for safety. It didn’t work very well, but they had one. Having studied and written about global airline safety performance for 30 years, I can tell you the evolution in safety thinking over that time has been pretty radical.  (We’ll talk about what’s going on […]

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Bizav: the new yacht culture?

Visiting shows like NBAA and EBACE (the latter just finished for the year in Geneva) is a surreal experience for ordinary mortals. It always has been, but is getting more so. The aeroplanes themselves are particularly beautiful, and just as when one sees women with extraordinary physical beauty, they feel unattainable and all the more […]

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