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London Olympics access by helicopter

London’s only commercial helicopter landing site, on the Thames south bank at Battersea, is preparing for unprecedented – but tightly organised – traffic flows during the Olympic Games. (picture by Mark Wagner) Now called the Barclays London Heliport (BLH), it’s been there since 1959, just upstream of Battersea Bridge, looking across the river to Chelsea […]

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Not all pilots are easily startled, it seems

A phenomenon now dubbed “the startle factor” is increasingly a subject of concern among aircraft accident analysts. It describes a seemingly growing tendency for pilots to react illogically to a surprise event.  Air France 447 was an example, as was the Colgan Air Dash 8 stalling event at Buffalo and the recent incident in which […]

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Is Nigerian aviation safety still on course?

After the Dana Air MD-83 crash on approach to Lagos, many people are going to default to the assumption that Nigeria is just another African country with a lousy aviation safety record. I certainly hope that, when the evidence comes out, there are no signs that Nigeria, which has made massive strides in safety oversight […]

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