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QF32 – the book (pt 3): approach and landing

The approach to runway 20C at Singapore was a cliffhanger. The crew did not know whether they could trust the performance calculations they had done because they understood they couldn’t possibly know the full extent of the aerodynamic damage the aircraft had suffered. So Richard chose to ask Singapore for a 20nm straight in final […]

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QF32 – the book (pt 2): setting up for approach

We’re still airborne an hour after the engine disintegration. I’m exhausted from empathising with the stress, the confusion, the multi-layered situation facing the pilots, cabin crew, airline and passengers.  CNN has already reported a possible Qantas loss.Families all over the world are freaking out. Onboard (believe me, I’m onboard) we’re still going through the ECAM […]

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QF32 – the book

This morning I received a review copy of Capt Richard Champion de Crespigny’s book about Qantas flight 32, the Airbus A380 whose No 2 engine suffered catastrophic failure on departure from Singapore for Sydney. I’ll get back to you in a couple of hours with a verdict, but right now the bits about handling the […]

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Grasping at crossed straws

If the BEA is right about the AF447 crew possibly being misled by sporadic flight director activity while their A330 was falling through space, well outside its flight envelope, there are lots of messages for the industry here. Once again the BEA, like the US NTSB, the Flight Safety Foundation and many others, is calling […]

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AF447: the wake-up call

The French air accident investigator, the BEA, has released the final report on the 1 June 2009 AF447 accident. Shortly after two o’clock in the morning Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris, an Airbus A330, was cruising at FL350 (35,000ft approx) with autopilot engaged. The two pilots were discussing a heading change to […]

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