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Heathrow’s back, Mr Cameron, and it’s not going away again

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been openly criticised by a senior member of his own party, Tim Yeo MP, for ducking the London area runway shortage issue without offering any alternative. This was bound to happen, and it has.  But although Yeo has challenged Cameron to show that he’s a “Man not a Mouse”, […]

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The longest night. And day. In a Liberator

A USAAF bomber crew sets off from Darwin, Australia on Friday 13 August 1943 on an impossibly long mission which it can complete only if it gets lucky as well as getting the navigation right. They demonstrate huge skill and immense dedication, meet with a mixture of luck and the devil, and crash-land after 16h […]

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Bristol boxkite in hangar.JPG

How aviation began

The Wrights may have been first with their Flyer, but the original doesn’t still fly. This Bleriot monoplane, powered by its original Anzani engine, seen here in the Shuttleworth Trust hangar at Old Warden aerodrome, Bedfordshire, still does. Mind you the Bleriot – and all the other treasures there – are only wheeled out under […]

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