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Nepal for fliers

Today’s fatal crash of a Dornier 228-200 in Nepal was the second in that mountainous country this year. There have been nine fatal crashes of twin turboprop commuter airliners in the last ten years, and many more before that. The crashes in the last decade included three recent fatal accidents involving Dornier 228-series aircraft, four de Havilland Canada Twin […]

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Airbus takes pilots back to basics with the A350

Airbus is going to train pilots for its A350XWB differently. The first three days in the A350 simulator will be about letting the pilots find out that it is “just another aeroplane”. Without using any of the sophisticated flight guidance systems they will be able to find out how it flies and what that feels […]

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Bumming a ride

The fake Italian pilot who has been in the news for making it through security onto flights just by wearing a pilot uniform and carrying a false ID says he was imitating the character played by Leonardo diCaprio in the Spielberg movie Catch Me If You Can.  The diCaprio character was based on an real […]

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Aeronautical telecommunications and the Wichita Lineman

Recently I’ve had cause to write about new communication developments advanced by what used to be Aeronautical Radio Incorporated and the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques. These two companies usually sit quietly in aviation’s background but are essential to its operation. The history of ARINC and SITA is the history of commercial air transport.  ARINC […]

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How to be safer than very safe

Today’s generation of modern jet airliners has achieved a historic safety performance high of less than one fatal accident in ten million flights, according to Harry Nelson, adviser to Airbus’ head of product safety. The challenge now, said Nelson, is to determine what can be done to improve even further. This ratio – one in 10-7 - […]

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Beechcraft aeroplanes are not just for Christmas

To mark Hawker Beechcraft’s 80thanniversary, the company invited aircraft owners to bring their machines to its Europe and Middle East headquarters at Hawarden Airport, Broughton in England’s north-west, last Friday (7 September). The company’s press-release about the event contained a claim which, if it is accurate, is remarkable: “Two thirds of all manufactured Hawker Beechcraft aircraft […]

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American Airlines gets FAA approval for iPad EFBs

It’s doubtful that even the late Steve Jobs would have seen this coming. The FAA has just approved the use of iPads as electronic flight bags for American Airlines’ crews. Jeppesen provides the software that American’s iPads run. Lots of airlines are trialling them, thousands of pilots use them unofficially, business aviation pilots organise their lives […]

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