Pilots will lose all faith in their judgement if this continues…

A good friend who flies for one of the US majors put this up on Facebook in the last few days. It is his account of flying into San Francisco to land on the same runway that saw the Asiana accident a few weeks ago.

I have modified a few of his words slightly for de-identification purposes, but most of them are his own:

“I flew into SFO arriving on Big Sur STAR, transitioning to SFO visual runway 28 Left.

“Weather, like the day of Asiana, was severe clear. There was a European carrier’s 744 behind me and ATC was asking him if he’d like to fly the GPS RNAV approach to 28 Left, and he declined, saying it was not an authorized procedure for his airline; this started a discussion about other approach options.

“I was wondering why ATC was pushing this approach to him, when looking out the window using 3 to 1 with all the toys turned off worked just fine on my bird!

“We are making this too difficult. Why didn’t ATC just offer a visual approach, or have FAA suddenly become skittish about those feared words, and , perhaps, some liability issues?”


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  1. Joe Pilot 30 July, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    NORCAL Approach, unofficially since the Asiana crash and the near-crash of EVA 28 on 23-JUL-13, is not offering visual approaches to foreign carriers. Foreign carriers can only do visual approaches if they request them. I spoke to someone at NORCAL Approach and this is what I was told.

  2. Captain G. Gray 11 August, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    I must admit I am totally perplexed by the FAA’s decision to ban all foreign pilots from making visual approaches to 28L & 28R at SFO, just because of the Asiana Airlines accident. I am 100% sure that my fellow pilots at other US major airlines would agree with me that some of the best trained pilots fly for International carriers BA, KLM, Lufhansa just to mention a few. Take BA for example they have been world leaders in flight safety they were the first airline to put FOQUA in to service they are well know leaders in CRM skill sets. It is a slap in the face to except a directive from the FAA that they are unable to make visual approaches! if BALPA lets this go unchallenged I will be surprised. What kind of message does this send to the public?

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